Tuesday, February 6, 2007

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Varities of Chihuahuas Found and Talked About

Applehead, Appleheaded, Appledome, Apple-dome, Apple Chihuahuas

The term applehead Chihuahua refers to the shape of a baby Chihuahua's head. The dome of the skull is broader than the jaw, giving rise to the description "applehead". It takes into account that the top of the head has a slight depression. This depression is called a molera (Spanish for fontanel) and corresponds to the "soft spot" on a baby's head. Some Chis have it--some don't.

This is a "normal" Chihuahua. Applehead or Appledome refer to the 90 degree rise off the nose (muzzle) of the forehead. A Chihuahua will often have protruded eyes. These are features of a "standard" Chihuahua. A Chihuahua with a sloping forehead will often have eyes that are more recessed. Some people prefer this "look", but technically it is not a preferred genetic trait because it does not adhere to the standard as established by the AKC. As with all purebred dogs, a Chihuahua "quality" is measured against a standard... This "quality" refers to the quality of the genes, not the physical health on the Chihuahua. Oftentimes these unique characteristics make some Chihuahuas more or less expensive.

Deer head , Deer Chihuahuas

A deer chihuahua has a sloped forehead... not an "apple-dome", a 90 degree angle off the bridge of the nose... a deer chihuahua may also have deer-like slender, delicate paws... making them look like little deer. I've only seen it in smoothcoats, but I suppose there's no reason it couldn't occur in longcoats. Some folks prefer this look, although it does not represent the "Chihuahua Standard".

Teacup Chihuahuas

NOBODY HAS TEACUPS!!! They is no such thing!

"Teacup" is a marketing term... it is a cute name used to sway your dollars... that's it. Small sized Chihuahuas are actually called teacup Chihuahuas - but there is no such breed in reality. Many backyard breeders specifically breed these small sized Chihuahuas and name them as Teacup Chihuahuas - and sell them at premium prices. But it has been seen, because of their tiny size, these small sized Chihuahuas are even more fragile and suffer from various genetic problems.

Tricolor Chihuahuas

They are so called because of 3 colors present in their coat.

Long Coat Chihuahuas

As the name suggests, they have a long coat. Some people believe that these long-coated Chihuahuas are a bit more reserved than the smooth coat ones. They are also called Long Hair Chihuahuas.

Smooth Coat Chihuahuas

They have short hairs. They are also called Short Hair Chihuahuas.

This article has been written by Susan Ross, who works with The Chihuahua Trainers.

About the Author

The author has raised and trained Chihuahuas for several years now. She works for the website http://www.chihuahuatrainers.com where she shares her knowledge with all chihuahua owners.

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